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'Bateman's Bowl ' - photo from Batemans Brewery, Wainfleet All Saints
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Batemans Brewery, Wainfleet All Saints

Batemans Brewery
Mill Lane
Wainfleet All Saints
PE24 4JE
  Tel: +44 1754 880317
Web: Batemans Brewery

Added: 7/31/2015
Modified: 7/31/2015 3:52:57 PM

Written By Paul Privy

Batemans Brewery (George Bateman & Son Ltd) is an English brewery based at Salem Bridge Brewery in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire. Batemans was founded in 1874 by George Bateman, a local farmer who sold his farm in nearby Friskney in order to rent a brewery in Wainfleet, situated by the railway. He bought the brewery equipment for £505 10s (roughly equivalent to £30,000 today); a year later he bought the lease for £800. Interesting stuff!

We have been to the brewery many times before in the pass. Only a short train journey from Skegness the brewery is easy to get to.

We decided to go on the brewery tour which is very informative. The tour lasts for around an hour and you get a pint at the end of it in the brewery bar.

After the tour we indeed did have a pint in The Windmill Bar. It was one of those typical summer days ( cold and raining ) the place was heaving as others also had the same idea. Even if you don't take the tour you will find this place very interesting complete with it's shop and small artifacts museum, on days of good weather there are several outside games laid out in the garden. The windmill bar itself is very unusual and of course selling all Batemans traditional beers, there is plenty of information on hand concerning the history of this historic brewery and the family that still owns and runs it, for us just the job on a rainy day.

Before we left we had a quick look in the bog.

A very small toilet indeed. One thing we noticed when we entered the bog was how bad the lighting was inside. It was very dark!

We could only get a pic of the toilet bowl as we were followed in by a load of gents from the brewery tour. A standard cubicle and everything worked well. It felt good to have a long slash after being on the tour for over an hour!

A wonderful brewery which is well worth a day out. The bog was smashing too.


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