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'King Du Noodle Bog' - photo from King Du Noodle Bar, Harlow
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'Do Not Use! ' - photo from King Du Noodle Bar, Harlow
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King Du Noodle Bar, Harlow

King Du Noodle Bar
Unit 3
Westgate House Building, 1 West Square,
CM20 1JJ
  Tel: 01279 639854
Web: King Du Noodle Bar

Added: 8/14/2015
Modified: 8/14/2015 11:42:38 AM

Written By Paul Privy

This place is always full. It has a broad range of menu items, but really one goes for the noodle soup (or I do).

The service is friendly and efficient, the prices are reasonable and the food is abundant. But, things taste a bit greasy and as noodle places go, things don't taste quite as nice and fresh as in other noodle bars. After awhile, the salt and MSG get exhausting, and we've never finished a plate of noodles.

Before we left I checked out the bogs. The single toilet I went into was fairly interesting.

There was a single white bowl with a white toilet seat. This felt uncomfortable to sit on and the seat was slightly loose.

There is plenty of grab rails for disabled users. However again a huge concern was the main grab handle above the toilet bowl. This was slightly loose and could course a major accident if not fitted better. There was another grab rail to the right of the bowl. This was strangely fixed to a piece of wood and again more alarmingly this was completely loose . It is also positioned to far from the toilet and is therefore completely useless to a disabled user using the bowl.

There is a shelf area above the grab rail. On top of this was placed two bog rolls, this was because the main toilet roll dispenser was out of order. On the toilet roll dispenser was a message saying "Do Not Use" (see photo).

Below the toilet bowl was a bin, which was very filthy. The general cleanliness of the bog was grubby!

The toilet had a lot of major issues which need sorting out. Overall disappointing!


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