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'Urinal Lips ' - photo from Abracadabra Restaurant, London
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'Toilet Bowl with Naked Woman ' - photo from Abracadabra Restaurant, London
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Abracadabra Restaurant, London

Abracadabra Restaurant
91 Jermyn St
St. James
Greater London
  Tel: 020 7930 3111

Added: 9/5/2015
Modified: 9/5/2015 1:57:47 PM

Written By Paul Privy

This place is a little bit hard to find, but it has a very interesting design inside - worth a visit.

There are a lot of tables + VIP room, the main room has 'booths' with different settings which we found very unusual and cool.

Prices are very acceptable and the food is tasty. Especially chicken shashlyk!

The staff were nice and the owner of the place made an effort to say hello & ask if we enjoyed ourselves which was also sweet.

Now the main reason we came here was to check out the famous toilets. We had read and heard so much about them!

I spoke to the owner who informed me that the toilets were designed by students from the Royal London Colledge of Art!

The toilets at the Abracadabra restaurant in London are definitely the most bizarre I've ever come across. There was a different surprise lurking behind every door - both in the ladies and the gents.

The sh*tters were listed by the Daily Mail as one of the top 15 most strangest toilets in the UK.

Looking round the bog I really enjoyed the p*ss urinals which were shaped like lips. The walls were decorated with love hearts.

In the many bizarre cubicles my favorite had to be the cubicle with a woman with her legs spread open. Inside you will find the toilet bowl, above this is a plastic looking model of a woman who appears to be p*ssing in the bowl! Really nice touch.

We had a really nice visit here. The bogs are one of the best and most bizarre toilets we have ever seen.


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