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'George's Bowl with Loose Seat' - photo from George's, Nottingham
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'The Four Bog Rolls' - photo from George's, Nottingham
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'Novelty Seaside Postcards ' - photo from George's, Nottingham
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George's, Nottingham

13 Queen Street
  Tel: 0115 950 5521
Web: George's

Added: 9/17/2015
Modified: 9/18/2015 10:06:48 AM

Written By Paul Privy

For years I have been going to George's Chippy for my Friday night fish and chips. When we heard that they were branching out from their fish and chip shops, and opening up a restaurant in Nottingham, we just had to go!

The restaurant opened up at the beginning of 2015 I believe. The place is located within the city’s original Victorian Post Office on Queen Street.

We came on a Friday lunch time for a birthday meal. We had pre-ordered our table so we could be guaranteed our meal. It was fairly quiet when we arrived but soon got busy as lunch time went on.

Upon entering we were amazed by what a great job the owners have done with the décor. Inside there are modern and bright colours. Because it is a fish and chip restaurant, the theme throughout the restaurant is the seaside and summer holidays.

We were seated upstairs in a booth. The booths are designed to look like sea side holiday huts. There were loads of them scattered upstairs, each hut was named after a famous seaside town. We were sat in the Brighton one. We were disappointed not to see a Skegness hut!

We just went for a main course here and a drink. Drink wise we decided to try one of the 'craft beers' from the menu. I tried the Big Ben beer brewed by Thwaites. A dark brown ale, very nice it was. Bit steep at £3.80 for a small bottle of beer though!

For our food we had fish and chips and pie and chips. My pie was delicious, pastry was light and there was plenty of rich ale flavoured beef. The only problem were the chips they were rather thin and soggy! They could have been a bit more chunky and crispy!

Now the sh*thouse!

The toilets are located on the ground floor. To locate them just go past the central bar and they are to the left as you face the main staircase. Go through the doors and you will find the ladies, gents and disabled toilet doors.

To our surprise we were expecting a big communal toilet. Instead the gents is a single toilet. We were told that inside the ladies there are two cubicles. I can imagine due to the lack of toilet bowls, there are large queues for the bogs especially on a Friday and Saturday night.

Inside the gents we have a very nicely decorated toilet. The floor is covered in a black and white chequered pattern. There are white tiles on the walls.

To the left there are a few novelty seaside postcards, carrying on the chip shop/holiday theme.

The single toilet bowl is white with a white toilet sea. The seat was loose and did slide around a bit when I sat on it to take a poo. There was plenty of bog rolls available which was handy. There were four positioned above the bowl on a shelf area.

The single sink was great. Both taps worked well and there was plenty of soap in the dispenser. There is a silver round wall mirror above the sink. There is a hand dryer located just to the right of the sink. This worked well.

Overall we had a great and enjoyable lunch. The service was brilliant.

The toilets were great, but due to the size, like I stated above, I can well imagine there being a long wait to use the toilets especially when the place is packed.

Apart from the size, they are great loos.


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