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'The Pan ' - photo from Harlow's Pub, Peterborough
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'Various Stickers on the Toilet Seat ' - photo from Harlow's Pub, Peterborough
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'Dragon ' - photo from Harlow's Pub, Peterborough
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'High Five! ' - photo from Harlow's Pub, Peterborough
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Harlow's Pub, Peterborough

Harlow's Pub
3 School Street
New Hampshire
NH 03458
United States of America
  Tel: 603-924-6365
Web: Harlow's Pub

Added: 10/29/2015
Modified: 10/29/2015 11:07:50 AM

Written By Paul Privy

Harlow's is a popular downtown Peterborough eatery loacted in the US Sate of New Hampshire. Here you will find locals and tourists enjoying drinks and food in a lively and casual atmosphere.

Reasonable prices and good food make this a worthwhile stop for lunch, dinner or drinks.

The food includes some unexpected gems like the Hungarian mushroom soup and creatively prepared vegetarian burritos. Outdoors, there's a fantastic view of the downtown center with appropriately placed flowers. The prices are also reasonable. If there's one minor problem, it's that the place sometimes becomes so popular that there aren't enough people working there to always be completely efficient with the service. It's open later than most restaurants in the area.

There are two toilets here. One upstairs and one downstairs. We decided to inspect the bogs downstairs.

We enter the bog to find a highly decorated bog which has, apparently, been decorated by local artists.

This is just a single toilet affair inside, but what lacks for toilets, makes up for with it's décor.

The single toilet bowl is white. I lift the pan seat to find various stickers stuck on it. One stick advertises the Woodstock Inn Brewery, while another sticker states amusingly “Turn It Up” (see photos).

The walls to the toilet are decorated with various paintings which have been done by the local artists. My favourite is the dragon (see photo).

Another funny touch is a painting of a hand which read underneath “Employees Must Wash Their Hands”.

We had a great afternoon here at the Harlow and the bogs were one of the most artistic sh*tters we have ever seen!


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