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'Faded Gents Door Sign! ' - photo from The Up N Down Under, Nottingham
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'Tight Cubicle ' - photo from The Up N Down Under, Nottingham
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'The Toilet ' - photo from The Up N Down Under, Nottingham
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'Nice Metal Trough ' - photo from The Up N Down Under, Nottingham
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The Up N Down Under, Nottingham

The Up N Down Under
19-23 St James's Street
City Centre
  Tel: 0115 947 5857

Added: 12/3/2015
Modified: 12/4/2015 8:16:32 AM

Written By Paul Privy

The Up N Down Under Bar, located on St James's Street in Nottingham. What can we say about this place? In our point of view it is not the best bar in town. It is not one of our particular favourite pubs, but is great if you are out on a pub crawl on a Friday/Saturday night. We much preferred when the pub was The Newshouse. But times change I suppose!

We very rarely drink in this place. I was in town on a weekday afternoon. I really needed a slash so decided to use the sh*tters here and check them out for the website.

Upon entering we found the place to be fairly busy for a weekday afternoon. The place was basically full of the usual clientèle, students and alchies!

The building is a funny shape really with doors and areas go off in all directions. The bar is basically central to the building. I did think about getting myself a pint, but then decided not too, looking at the scruffy bunch who were in there!

Reeet straight to the sh*tter then! To get to the bog, walk into the pub from the main doors on St James's Street. Once inside turn right passed the bar into a room. Once in there you will see a sign which reads “toilets located on the first floor”. Go up these to find the gents.

Once up there, there is a bit of a confusion. Which door is for the gents and which door is for the ladies? Both the ladies and gents toilets signs have faded away (see gents door photo). I decided to dare it and I went for the nearest door. Thankfully I choose right.

First thing you notice when you get into the gents is how dark it is.

Simple set up arrangement here. As you walk in there are two cubicles. These are simple offerings, but one big issue for the cubicle. You can't close and lock the door without the toilet bowl rubbing against you trouser leg. Bloody shocking!!! As the bowl was covered in p*ss and I did not want to get my clean trousers covered in p*ss. So I decided not to have a sh*t on this occasion. A p*ss had to suffice!

To the far end of the gents is a nice metal p*ss trough. This covers three walls and is a treat. The trough makes up for the dismal cubicles! I enjoyed my p*ss and especially enjoyed playing p*ss polo with the soaps in the trough.

In the centre of the gents are two sinks. These are a let down too. The hot water tap did not work and there was no soap in the soap dispenser. Even more shocks, the hand dryer did not work!

In conclusion the pub is not for our taste. The whole pub could do with a clean up and a lick of paint.

The bogs were dismal and really do need improving.

I soon rather go drinking in the Roebuck Inn which is only a few doors up from this sh*thole!


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