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'Standard Cubicle ' - photo from Meanie BoBini's, Skegness
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'Urinals with Portraits ' - photo from Meanie BoBini's, Skegness
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'Perhaps Our Favourite ' - photo from Meanie BoBini's, Skegness
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Meanie BoBini's, Skegness

Meanie BoBini's
Grand Parade
PE25 2UG
  Tel: 044 1754 768899

Added: 12/19/2015
Modified: 12/22/2015 10:09:26 AM

Written By Paul Privy

We visited here with friends who live not far from Skegness town centre.

Although we came to Skeg out of season (December) most of the pubs, cafes and restaurants are still open, mainly serving locals that time of year.

I have been here before in 2014 and the choice of food is unchanged and still pretty average. It's basically chips and whatever you fancy.

I had a burger and chips, both of which were OK.

While we were eating there was a fat guy singing near the bar area in a Pavarotti style way. In fact he looked like a obese version of Pavarotti!

Just a quick visit to the toilets before we go.......

As I had been to this place before I could remember the bogs from last time. In the gents sh*tter above the urinals they have photos of women in different facial poses. Each urinal has it's own individual portrait of a woman with a different facial expression (see photos). These are great and unusual. Great to look at while p*ssing! When I first walked into the gents there was a rather suspicious looking bloke who just looked like he had finished having a w*nk over one of the photos!

The cubicle is rather standard here. A white toilet bowl and white toilet seat. A white bog brush was provided to the bottom left of the bowl.

Great place and bogs. The photos in the gents are a nice touch!


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