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'OLD BAR - Small metal trough, sink' - photo from Kusch 2, Macclesfield
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'OLD BAR - from the bog door!' - photo from Kusch 2, Macclesfield
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'OLD BAR - A Toilet Too!' - photo from Kusch 2, Macclesfield
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'NEW BAR - A White Loo at Kusch Too!' - photo from Kusch 2, Macclesfield
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'Old Knights Bar Urinals' - photo from Kusch 2, Macclesfield
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'Vectaire Hand Dryer' - photo from Kusch 2, Macclesfield
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Kusch 2, Macclesfield

Kusch 2
Marlborough Court
SK11 6JD
  Tel: 01625 511472

Added: 1/17/2005
Modified: 1/11/2009 11:18:53 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Kusch Too, now "Kusch 2", the companion to Kusch Bar was originally located up the steps in Duke Court off Mill Street.

Kusch Too has now moved to Marlborough Court, off Pickford St, occupying the site of the former Knights Bar.

A bar called Toast Bar now occupies the original Kusch Too site.

The first part of this review referes to the OLD Kusch Too,
with the NEW review at the botom.

OLD Kusch Too Review:

The bar is very modern, done out in plain cream walls, this is a small building with a low roof, all adding to an excellent feel. a few paintings and modern art works fill the walls.

The bar is well presented, with beer taps, bottle fridges, ample spirits, and coffee making facilities. On tap is John Smiths, Guinness, Strongbow, Carling etc. Bottles fridges are well filled , go on, have another bud!

The bar can get very busy, and hot due to the abscence of windows, this can become to hot in the summer, but you can stand outside on the balcony with a glass of Baileys and chat the night away.

Beer prices are not the cheapest, but this bar is well worth a stop-off on a pub crawl of Macc.

The bogs are located at the end of the pub...

A long thin strip, a small metal elevated trough is attached to the wall on your left as you enter the room. Room for two easily, three blokes if its busy, but you might get splash back off one another.

They seem a bit stingey on p*ss-soaps though!

Immediately next to the trough is a white sink, set in square stone, and mounted upon a wooden unit, well presented.

Opposite this is a thin full-length mirror, and the electronic hand dryer.

The walls in here are plain too, like the bar, but the floor consists of large dark cream tiling with black grouting, nice.

At the end of the room is the singular poo palace.

It is quite roomy, the same decor as before, a white bog with a pine seat provides the centre-piece of the room, and is well kept.

There is a white bog brush and large toilet roll dispenser.

Piping is neat and discreet, with an air freshener hidden down by the cistern pipes.

I like this bar, and would be a good pub for a sh*t if out on the town.


NEW Kusch 2 review:

The new Kusch Too sit's at the back of Marlborough Court, behind The Green Room (formerly Monaco's). The site used to be home to Kinght's Bar, many moons ago. However, a wall has been knocked though to the next dwelling, making this a much bigger bar than Knights.

The place is well lit, and decorated with art works.

On the bar are several draught beers, including Boddington's Bitter, and food is also available.

In the summer, you can also sit out in the courtyard. You can also go out here for a cigarette under the gas heater.

The seats inside are plentiful, and comfy. We found both the clientelle and staff to be friendly on a recent Saturday Night visit.

The toilets are the original loos, situated near the front door.

The gent's is a narrow strip containing 3 urinals, sink, and old dryer, and 1 cubicle at the end.

It's often very busy in here, hence, we've only managed a picture of the cubicle.

The small Cubicle Enclosure houses a crammed in white bog, with white seat, and a loo brush on the side.

The door, which was patched up over a hole, pulled too, but didn't lock.

Roll was available on top of the loo, and the bog was surprisingly clean.

We hope to get the Urinals etc photgraphed soon.

Like the old bar, we award the new Kusch Too with 7/10.


Update - Jan 2009:

We've been back, and got you some lovely photos of the urinals and hand dryer...

There are 3 urinals down the thin-strip that is the gents loos, it can get quite busy and crowded in here, be warned!

The three are the originals from Knights Bar, sat on the white tiled wall, and plumbed in quite neatly.

Opposite is the sink, with soap and mirror.

The Hand Dryer is quite an old model, see photo... It is a "Vectaire" and has a big red "PUSH" button.

Very nice, as always, 7/10

There are currently 2 comments about Kusch 2, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Emily of Macclesfield

“This pub is now called 'Toast' with another bar called 'Ronnies' underneath! 'Kusch Too' itself has moved to Marlborough Court in the premises that used to be 'Knights Bar'. All good drinking establishments, worth a trip to all 3.”

Date: 2/20/2008 5:35:01 PM

#2: Comment left by The Team of

“In response to Emily's comments, we've been back and reviewd the new Kusch Too!”

Date: 12/23/2008 9:47:48 AM

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