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'Grubby Cubicle ' - photo from The Reynard, Leicester
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The Reynard, Leicester

The Reynard
17-19 Market St
  Tel: 0116 254 7453

Added: 3/21/2016
Modified: 3/22/2016 1:03:46 AM

Written By Paul Privy

We decided to visit this place as we were in Leicester for the day and looking for some lunch. Big mistake!

We went to this place to eat and decided not to as we saw other customers walking out and leaving their meals. This place is dirty and smelly. The whole place needed a good clean.

So feeling hungry and not wanting to eat here we just had a quick coffee to refresh ourselves.

I decided to go for a p*ss before we left, again big mistake!

The bog was even dirtier than the dining area, bar area, etc.

In one of the cubicles someone had p*ssed all over the floor and ripped the bog seat off. Someone had then placed bog roll around the rim of the toilet bowl to take a sh*t. There were loads of wet bog roll all over the floor outside of the cubicle. The bog floor was that dirty my feet stuck to it. F*cking filthy!

To top it off the toilet in general stunk like rotting eggs and sh*t! Drain problems? Who Knows? F*ck knows!

Dirty place and bogs. P*ssing appalling!!!


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