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'A lovely set of stones!' - photo from Dandy Cock Inn, Disley
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'Sink, Radiator, Dryer…' - photo from Dandy Cock Inn, Disley
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'A wonderfully constructed p*sser!' - photo from Dandy Cock Inn, Disley
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'Mahogany Seat to warm your buttocks!' - photo from Dandy Cock Inn, Disley
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Dandy Cock Inn, Disley

Dandy Cock Inn
15 Market Street
SK12 2DT
  Tel: 01663 763 712

Added: 1/17/2005
Modified: 10/16/2008 9:31:35 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Dandy Cock is located on the A6, between Whaley Bridge and Hazel Grove, in the village of Disley.

It has a corner location, with another road going round the back, going down to the railway line, situated in the centre of Disley's shops.

It is a Robinson's Pub, but is also very much centered around food.

Enter via the front, and the small car park, and you will find a biggish room on your left, and the bar on your right.

Directly in front of you is more seating, a staircase, and doors to the toilets and cellar.

To the right beyond the bar, the pub loops round with more seating, and a dedicated eating area, with set tables.

There is also a dartboard, and an old Wurlitzer style organ!

On the bar are Unicorn Best Bitter, Hatters, Carling Strongbow and Guinness. For bottles, why not try Old Tom? A word of warning though, its strong stuff, leave room for some food before you visit the bogs!! A pint of Robbie's (Unicorn) weighs in at 1.70, with Carling at 2.20.

On the food menu are many nice meals, including sunday lunch. I saw somebody have a Roast Beef Dinner, covered in gravy, with bloody massive and tasty looking roast potatoes, i will definately be making a return visit to sample the food.

Seating is ample and comfortable. There are even additional cushions provided for your comfort, tables are adequate, and beer mats are provided.

Right then lads, lets check the sh*tters out!

On entrance through the door marked "Gentlemen's Cloaks", take a minute to inspect the two printed mirrors.

The first is simply a Guinness 1759 design mirror, but the second is a custom-made Dandy Cock Mirror, with a print of the pub front, and reading "Dandy Cock, Good Food, Good Beer", very nice ornament.

Lets go in...

The room walls are light blue at the bottom, with cream paint nearer the ceiling, and cream squared flooring tiles.

The p*ss-stones are quite unusual, actually 3 individual sculpted stones with nice dividing blocks, and a few p*ss-soaps at the bottom. Each has a removable panel on the top, presumably only the plumber has the pleasure to delve in here. You will definately enjoy p*ssing in here!

The cistern for these is in the top corner of the room, to the top right of the end stone.

Next to the p*ssers is a sink, basic but nice, with soap, and a radiator on the adjacent wall.

To wipe your hands there is a choice of the electric hand dryer, or if you prefer, there is also hand-towels, with a bin on hand to collect these, and any other rubbish you may have. You may as well empy out any crisp wrappers etc from your pockets! There is also a small mirror to check your appearance.

On to the bog, which is opposite the entrance door.

a nice white bog, with good white cistern, but with an excellent Mahogany seat. The plumbing is neat, and well tucked away by the window.

There is a white brush in a black holder, and a large roll holder, with extra rolls on top!

Very, very nice!


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