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'Armitage Shanks Magnia ' - photo from Plaza, Skegness
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Plaza, Skegness

Grand Parade
PE25 2UG
  Tel: 01754 763525

Added: 4/12/2016
Modified: 4/14/2016 11:00:19 AM

Written By Paul Privy

The Plaza is a arcade/entertainment Centre located on Grand Parade in Skegness. It is located directly across from the Pier.

The establishment houses a arcade, cafe, and a 'Big Jackpot Casino', classy! We had a look around and a play on a few of the games machines, etc.

There is a cafe here like I said and I do believe they sell beer, from what I can remember it was the typical draught crap stuff!. On this occasion we went for a cold drink of coca-cola.

Good atmosphere in here and it was packed on our visit.

Now there is a sh*tter near by the cafe. I decided to take a peek and have a leek!

The gents is a typical toilet for this area. How come most of the toilets in this area look like old school toilets?

In the cubicle we have an Armitage Shanks Magnia and a LL Dudley Slimline with a Dudley Cascade syphon. The pipework looked fairly new due to the shade of copper colour that it is. The toilet bowl had a black bog seat and a lovely working cistern.

So how to sum up! Well typical holiday arcade here, not the best in Skeg as there are better. But that Armitage Shanks Magnia was certainly worth a visit to see!

The arcade- 4/10.

Bogs- 7/10.

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