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'Messieurs' - photo from Le Pavillon Céleste, Paris
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'Pink Sink!' - photo from Le Pavillon Céleste, Paris
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'Great Pink Toilet' - photo from Le Pavillon Céleste, Paris
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'The hidden urinal' - photo from Le Pavillon Céleste, Paris
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Le Pavillon Céleste, Paris

Le Pavillon Céleste
116 Bis Rue de Paris
94420 Charenton-le-Pont
  Tel: +33 1 43 96 03 75

Added: 4/25/2016
Modified: 4/28/2016 12:58:19 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Le Pavillon Celeste, a Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai restaurant in Paris, in the Charenton-le-Pont area.

A warm welcome greets, with nice decor, red carpets, gold metal room tiles, large fish tanks.

I was greeted nicely, and there was English speaking waiting on staff, as well as French speaking.

There are large tables, small tables, all set up with wrapped chopsticks, or knife and fork etc.

The menu is extensive, as the three culinary options might suggest.

I ordered 3 courses.. some spring rolls which were of an unknown meat, perhaps pork, a Thai Curry which I think was duck, and was amazing, with rice, and then a Coffee Ice Cream dessert afterwards.

Lots of wine was on offer, but I opted for Tsingtao Bière, by the bottle.

Customer service was great, the beer was good, and the main course superb!

Toilets, 'W.C.', can be found at the back of the restaurant, past a large fish tank.. there are Male and Female toilets.

Into the gents, 'MESSIEURS', and the place is as much a colourful delight as the restaurant!

Pink / Red / Salmon coloured wall tiles throughout. Unusual, but welcome.

The sink and loo are a similar colour too!

The toilet cubicle has its own light, locks well, and had loo roll and an air freshener.

Tucked away behing the cubicle room, down a pokey corner, is a single white urinal, nested in a corner, with interesting pipe work.

The pink sink, mentioned earlier, is complete with a mirror, soap, bin, and a hand dryer. There is also what was probably a hand towl dispenser.

A 'Boost' hand dryer is a bit like a Dyson Airblade, and dried me up nicely!

Tres Bon! 8/10.

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