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'The Centurion Disabled Sh*tter ' - photo from The Centurion, Lincoln
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The Centurion, Lincoln

The Centurion
Newark Road
North Hykeham
  Tel: 0441522509814
Web: The Centurion

Added: 4/27/2016
Modified: 4/27/2016 8:48:48 AM

Written By Paul Privy

Three of us had a late lunch here the other day. Food was good, whiting and chips, hunters chicken and a sweet potato and bean burger and excellent Olivers Island ale. Only gripe was that they were obviously short staffed, it took quite a while to get served. I felt sorry for the two behind the bar not only were they serving drinks, taking food orders, fetching food from the kitchen and serving it, but they also spent a lot of time brewing and serving endless pots of tea and coffee.

I donít know if someone had rang in sick or just not turned up or whether the Centurion maximises its profits by running shorthanded, but the two behind the bar did a great job in very demanding circumstances. If the pub was busier I could imagine a lot of people would maybe leave and go elsewhere.

I wanted to have a private sh*t after my meal so I decided to venture into the disabled toilet as no one was in there and it looked clean.

I was not disappointed the disabled toilet had everything I needed. It even had a chair in there!

The toilet bowl was nice and comfortable. I really enjoyed a nice and quiet sh*t here. But I had a bit of a shock when I got up to wipe my arse to find not much bog roll left. But there was just enough left to wipe that left over sticky stool away! The toilet paper was that really thin cheap stuff you get. When you wipe your arse with the stuff it always rips which results in sh*t getting on your fingers! Quite annoying!

Overall its a good pub food, nice environment, excellent selection of ale and cheaper than an establishment down the road!!


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