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'A Disgraceful Bog ' - photo from Pizza Hut, Colchester
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'Dirty ' - photo from Pizza Hut, Colchester
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Pizza Hut, Colchester

Pizza Hut
Turner Rise Retail Park
  Tel: 01206 546545
Web: Pizza Hut

Added: 5/17/2016
Modified: 5/17/2016 10:48:31 AM

Written By Paul Privy

Went to eat here for lunch around 12pm.

Seated no problem.

Drinks were brought over.

We got up to eat from the buffet which had around 5 different pizza and pasta with bolognese plus cheese sauce.

I didn't think there was a lot of choice of pizza personally. You could easily get bored of the same taste. Salad bar was okay.

The toilets were a complete disgrace! There was toilet tissue everywhere, skid marks in the bowls, poo on bins, and empty tissue dispensers. The toilet seats were also wobbly.

The hygiene of the bog was a complete disgrace despite the fact that the toilet had only been inspected by a member of staff about 15 minutes before I went in!

The food was average and the toilet was a complete mess. I don't think we will be returning to a Pizza Hut outlet for a while after this.


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