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'Cubicle ' - photo from The Punch Bowl, Nottingham
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'A Couple of Urinals ' - photo from The Punch Bowl, Nottingham
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'Window Area with Spare Bog Roll ' - photo from The Punch Bowl, Nottingham
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The Punch Bowl, Nottingham

The Punch Bowl
214 Porchester Road,
  Tel: 0115 950 7728
Web: The Punch Bowl

Added: 6/1/2016
Modified: 6/1/2016 11:07:20 AM

Written By Paul Privy

We went to the punch bowl on a Friday night for a friend's birthday do. They had hired the function room upstairs and were having a party with buffet food provided.

The Bunch Bowl is a Ember Inns pub and is located on Porchester Road in Nottingham.

We have been here for a previous birthday so we knew what the place was like.

The pub is overall nice inside. The only issue is that the function room is separated from the main bar area. You have to physically walk around the pub car park and up some stairs to get to the function room.

The function room itself is great. It has a big seating area, dance floor area and its own bar. However the bar in the function room sells only a limited choice of drinks and if you are a craft beer lover you have to go back down to the main bar to get your ale. We also discovered that the function room bar was more expensive than the main bar prices.

The buffet provided was nice. There was everything you could imagine to eat and the food was tasty.

I seem to remember that the function room does have its own toilets. These are located down the stairs not far from the room itself.

The gents toilets were fairly big inside for a function room bog. The toilet décor was fresh and the room decorated in a light blue colour.

We have a single cubicle here, there are two urinals and a single sink. There was a single hand dryer on the wall where the window was. Above the hand dryer on a shelf area was a spare big boll roll for any emergencies.

The gents here were great and both the floor and walls were sparkling clean.

We had an enjoyable night.


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