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'Ridiculously Massive Sh*tter  ' - photo from The Castle Hotel, Ruthin
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The Castle Hotel, Ruthin

The Castle Hotel
St Peters Square
LL15 1AA
  Tel: 01824 708950
Web: The Castle Hotel

Added: 11/15/2016
Modified: 11/15/2016 3:49:51 PM

Written By Paul Privy

Visited the Castle Hotel in Ruthin on a Sunday for breakfast. Where do I start? Filthy, all the tables had plates needing to be returned, glasses balancing all over the place. It was severely under staffed. I queued at 11:40 for the 'traditional breakfast' which finished at 12:00. I wasn't served until 12:10 at the bar, where I was told by the rude member of staff I wasn't allowed it, until I explained I'd been queuing for half an hour. His reply was; "fine but you're the last one!" Lucky me!!

Back to the cleanliness, one chair was so dirty at our table, I picked it up and placed it where everyone would have to move to get around it. Which the staff did without even looking at it. It was laughable. When our food arrived, it was basic but cold. We went outside for some fresh air, but was faced with even fuller tables with menus all over the floor and plants. Back inside there was tv's with cables everywhere that people could trip over.

The only saving grace here was the pub's toilets. The toilets at the Castle Hotel we were told won an award for the best hotel toilets in Wales.

The toilets inside are absolutely massive. Just the sheer size of them seems to be ridiculous.

There are five cubicles on offer here. From what we saw these looked fine and everything was working well inside. However we could have done with more bog roll.

The sinks are pretty good with a long row of them to choose from.

Beyond the sinks there is an area which can be best described as looking like an extension of the bar area inside a toilet! Impressive area for people to sit and maybe read a newspaper perhaps after they have had a crap? Who knows!

We had a bad service, crap food and found the general cleanliness of the pub to be poor. However the sh*tters slightly made up for the rest of it.


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