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'4 Nice Urinals' - photo from Jar Bar, Macclesfield
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'Lid Down Sir!' - photo from Jar Bar, Macclesfield
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'Dryer, Mirror' - photo from Jar Bar, Macclesfield
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'Jar Bar Sinks' - photo from Jar Bar, Macclesfield
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'Out Of Order Urinals!' - photo from Jar Bar, Macclesfield
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'phs urinal filter' - photo from Jar Bar, Macclesfield
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'Ladies watch as you syphon your python' - photo from Jar Bar, Macclesfield
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Jar Bar, Macclesfield

Jar Bar
4 Park Green
SK11 7NA
  Tel: 01625 420 010
Web: Jar Bar

Added: 2/1/2005
Modified: 3/20/2011 11:05:18 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Jar Bar in Macc, a Hydes Pub, and one of the busier nightspots in town.

Food during the day is excellent, have curly fries before you curl one out in the toilets!

The bar offerings are Hydes Smooth, Hydes Bitter, Mild, Guinness, Strongbow and Harp Lager. Not the cheapest of bars, i nearly has a heart attack once ordering a coke in here, but good beer generally.

The pub is rectangular, and sectioned off by a few pillars and divides. It is a modern pub, with a touch of class. Everyting is polished wood, and seating is luxury leather. Nice touches like the leather squares on the wall add to the sense of poshness.

Sit back, enjoy a drink, have some food, then have a p*ss...

The bogs are through a door at the back of the pub, just passed the customer feedback box incidentally.

Plain walled, and red tiled, with a spot of wood, the decor in here is relatively plain compared to the bar itself, but still nice.

There is a bank of 4 urinals, excellentally presented, and piped up well. They even looked polished to some extent, they really do want us to p*ss in style.

above these are advert boards, common in pubs nowadays, and black tiles as background.

The toilet isn't quite as impressive, though the seat was actually down on my visit!

It is plain white, white seat, white bog roll dispatch, and a white bog brush and holder too.

The flush handle is discreet, and to the right, but the weirdist thing is a plank of wood angled down above the cistern. It looks odd, out of place, and spoils the great crapping atmosphere.

outside are two modern sinks, white and set in a black stone, with a large mirror, and soap dispenser.

The dome shaped hand dryer is next to this, and next to it is the condom vending machine.

As you leave, there os a radiator, a further long full length mirror, and an ash tray on the floor.

Good Sh*t 7/10


Update - December 2008:

We popped in Jar Bar last night for a Festive Bevvie. It was very busy, being Christmas Time and all, but the service was pronto, and the Harp Lager was smashing at 2.60 a pint.

The atmosphere was good, the music not too loud, and this is one pub that actually realise it's a good idea to put the subtitles on on the Sky News on the telly, well done!

There was an amusing sign outside with regards to the dress code... it reads...

"No Sportswear, No Football Shirts, No Baseball Caps, NO SOILED WORK CLOTHES"

It's a good job I always wipe thoroughly!

Talking of which, I made a trip to the gents...

...considering this is probably the busiest week of the year, it was disappointing to see 2 out of the 4 urinals out of action, and taped up in bin bags! (see new photo)

Also, I'd never noticed previously, but the urinal on the far right is a right pain to stand in front of, as it is tucked away behind the toilet cubicle.

Jar Bar is still a great place, with a good atmosphere, but the toilets need attention - take note!



Update August 2009:

Had a lovely pint of 'Arp (HARP) in here the other night, and sat outide on the roadside, very enjoyable.

Managed to "snap off" a new photo of one of the "phs" branded urinal filters. These filters help keep the urinals clean and odour free.

Good Stuff - 7/10


Update - July 2010:

The Jar Bar toilets have recently been featured in the national press, including The Sun newspaper.... the gent's now features pictures of women looking down and laughing above the urinals... these are so popular that they keep being stolen, however the landlord owns the reproduction rights, so simply prints new ones.

See new photo!


There are currently 2 comments about Jar Bar, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Never Going Again of Macclesfield

“I happened to have a baseball cap on when I went to Jar Bar to meet a friend. It was on one of the few sunny afternoons last year. I was told to take it off by the manager when I approached the bar. However, subsequently sat outside with a companion taking in the sunshine, the manager reappeared and told me had to take it off even when sat outside his bar in bright sunshine. I naturally asked him under what authority he was making such a request. He asked us to leave, which we did. Why should I get sunburn for the manager of a pub because of some petty rule? We will never be going back. I have subsequently heard that a blind friend has been refused service due to having a guide dog with him! Jar Bar is best avoided to show your contempt for the pointless enforcement of petty rules. Plus, it's expensive for what it is.”

Date: 1/26/2010 1:26:07 PM

#2: Comment left by 30 something couple of Buxton, Derbyshire

“We popped into jar bar on our way round macclesfield on a night out of town!

We thought it looked smart from the outside with friendly doorstaff, the same was true inside looking smart that is!! The. Same could not be said about the girls behind the bar!!

We were laughing and all was well untill one of our party ordered 8 drinks when he was told that the girl behind the bar didnt like him! And that ge was annoying her then asked for the money for the drinks as casual as that?

I wouldnt have minded if we were being lound or silly but we werent even drunk we were all just chatting?

I wouldnt go in there again if you paid me to how rude!! We complained but i doubt anything will be done, you just cant talk to paying customers like that.

What nasty staff we all walked out in disgust. Dont go in there unless your face fits otherwise you might annoy one of the girls behind the bar!! Rude rude rude rude. Horrible place!!!!”

Date: 3/6/2011 9:49:41 AM

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