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'Long Stone' - photo from The Three Crowns, Macclesfield
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'Builders Sticker On Show!' - photo from The Three Crowns, Macclesfield
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'Three Crowns Sink' - photo from The Three Crowns, Macclesfield
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The Three Crowns, Macclesfield

The Three Crowns
1 Mill Green
SK11 7PE
  Tel: 01625 423219
Web: The Three Crowns

Added: 2/1/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The three crowns near the mill lane chippy is in a funny location really. In front is a triangle of land which represents a fork in the road, and has a picnic table on the raised grass.

From here you can admire the architecture of the pub, did you know it has 5 (five) chimneys!

Bloody hell, its too cold to fart around.... lets go inside for a bevvie.

This is a joey holts pub. you may have noticed the "under new management" sign outside the pub. It is infact the landlady from the old queen's on sunderland street, along with her daughter and staff, nice people.

Try the Joseph Holt Bitter, Mild or Diamond or Crystal Lager. For the less than daring, there is Guinness and Strongbow too.

The pub is very nice inside. lots of period features, brass, beams and beer!

Relax and get some ale down thee! Pool and Fruities provide the entertainment, top notch!

The bar is in the middle of this pub, as you enter you can go to one of two seperate rooms, both by the bar, and both lead round the back to the toilets!

The bogs feature a very long p*ss stone, set against white tiling in Macclesfield Red Toilet Flooring! It is a good stone, make sure your mates don't push you in though :) It is clean, and well presented, a few polo balls too!

The cistern is in the top right, by the ceiling, check it out, and get a lung full of top class p*ss!

Opposite this there is one pan, white with a black seat, located through a lovely old wooden door! The only slight disappointment is that the red builders instruction sticker is still on the bog seat, but it more than makes up for it with a good flushing action!

There is also ample bog roll, and a good brush, and the entire cubicle is immaculately presented!

In the far corner of the toilet room is the sink, pleasantly presented with matching taps, mirror, and old-ish hand dryer, and a condom machine.

These sh*tters are very very impressive, spotless infact.

Add this to the friendly atmosphere, and the good mixc of clientelle (young to old), overall you have a lovely little pub, close enough to the town centre to make a visit more than worthwhile.


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