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'Traditional Scales!' - photo from The Brunswick, Manchester
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'Square Sinks!' - photo from The Brunswick, Manchester
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'Wee 3 Urinals!' - photo from The Brunswick, Manchester
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'Dirty Bog @ The Brunswick!' - photo from The Brunswick, Manchester
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The Brunswick, Manchester

The Brunswick
97 Picadilly
Greater Manchester
M1 2DB
  Tel: 0161 236 4161

Added: 2/1/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

One of the first pubs you will find if you leave picadilly train station and head toward the gardens, why not pop in?

This pub has been renovated in recent years. I remeber a pool table in the front room originally, i was not too impressed to see it had gone.

The pub is fairly open plan, with a central located big-ish bar. Lots of wood and a few original furniture items give this pub a bit a character.

Sit back with a John Smiths, or maybe a Kronenbourg and enjoy Sky Sports.

The ladies are at the back of the pub, easily marked, but the gents are to the front, tucked away behind the bar....

The first thing i thought when i walked in the bog was, f*ck me! theres an old set of weighing scales in here! Unusual in this day and age, but more than welcome :)

The bog walls have maroon wallpaper up to a border of maroon tiles, above which it is the bog-standars white tiling.

The floor is black / dark brown, as is the sink area.

There are three urinals, with p*ss soaps and nice pipes. 2 advert boards above to read, but i was personally more interested in the scales, there goodens.

The sinks are twin rectangular ones, not belfast, set into the wooden surrounds, and with twin push-top taps, and twins of two types of soaps, Blimey!

Twin mirrors show off the extra wall tile detail here, pink diamonds, crikey!

To the right of these is the stainless steel dryer, nice.

Saving the best till last... The Sh*tter.... But is it the best we have here?

Not really, infact it was a mess!

The bog itself would be quite nice, white with a wooden seat, but the seat was soaked in p*ss!

There were bog rolls all over the show, and on the floor and it was just dirty, i didnt even bother going in to try the door, at least there was a bog brush, maybe i caught them on a bad day, but it needed cleaning up quick.

Overall, good pub, good urinals, nice scales, but poorly maintained sh*thouse.

disappointing, but i'll be back for a return visit.


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