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'To the Gents ' - photo from Bendigo Lounge, Beeston
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'Bendigo's P*ssers ' - photo from Bendigo Lounge, Beeston
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'Bendigo's Cubicle ' - photo from Bendigo Lounge, Beeston
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'Bendigo's Sinks ' - photo from Bendigo Lounge, Beeston
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Bendigo Lounge, Beeston

Bendigo Lounge
55 High Rd
  Tel: 0115 922 6012
Web: Bendigo Lounge

Added: 12/12/2017
Modified: 12/12/2017 10:50:35 PM

Written By Paul Privy

This place is fairly new to Beeston having only opened a month or so ago.

The building use to be the old MacDonald's which was very popular in the 1980s and 90s. However the MacDonald's closed just over ten years ago and became a furniture shop until 2017. Now this place has opened up and they have done a good job with the decor inside.

We visited the Bendigo Lounge during the last week. It's quirky. It's named after a 19th century bare knuckle boxer called William Abednego Thompson, nicknamed Bendigo. The decor and the restaurant as a whole would not look out of place in East London!

We arrived early evening and by 8pm it was heaving with a mix of couples and groups of friends. You order at the bar and it is served to your table.

I can recommend the Cooling Lemonade and the Lounge Burger.

Before we go lets see what they have done with the bogs. I remembered the old bogs in MacDonald's were upstairs and that is where they still are.

Having climbed the stairs I stood a moment to look at some of the portraits and paintings on the wall. But no time to waste I need a p*ss! Go down the corridor and the gents is on the right.

A fairly simple gents toilet inside. The walls are decorated with cream tiles and the floor black. There are three p*ssers which line the far wall.

Just one cubicle in here. Nothing really special in the cubicle although I did like the dark red paint they had used on the walls in the cubicle.

There are two sinks to wash our hands with. There are two wall mirrors for the two sinks. Below is a really small bin and just one hand dryer on the wall.

This place is a welcome addition to the Beeston Beer and Coffee scene.

I'd happily return again and would be interested to see what it was like in the daylight hours. Would be great to come back and have a p*ss and remember the old Maccy d's sh*tters for old times sake!


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