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'Bog, Paper Everywhere!' - photo from Old Orleans, Manchester
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'6 P*ssers!' - photo from Old Orleans, Manchester
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'Nice Sinks @ Old Orleans!' - photo from Old Orleans, Manchester
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Old Orleans, Manchester

Old Orleans
The Printworks
27 Withy Grove
Greater Manchester
M4 2Bs
  Tel: 0161 839 4430
Fax: 0161 839 7240
Web: Old Orleans

Added: 2/1/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Located in the Print Works, this place is more of a meal place. Its excellent, if you need a meal and you're in the area, then you really can't go wrong.

A large restaurant, but tables are well spaced. The bar is a little dimly lit, but is full of character, and you will be served at your table.

A mixture of American and Mexican dishes, and the portions are bloody huge!

Why not try a rack of ribs, or cajun chicken? Fajitas, Burgers, there is even Crocodile Meat on the menu!

Wash down with John Smiths, or splash out and get some wine!

For desserts i recommend the ice cream fudge brownie.. mmmm, think i need one in the toilets now...

A lot lighter in here, ther is a bank of p*ssers, bogs and sinks to choose from, well i need my brownie, so bogs first...

Light terracotta tiles, charcoal walls and wooden cubicles contain the white pans. the one i chose wasnt too impressive in the end, the bog paper holder was broken, and stray tissues lined the floor and bog, p*ss-ridden they were too! I was put off from crapping!

Outside, and the urinals are far more impressive, 6 of, with divides, they look like they even get polished, and they had soaps too, very good!

Four oval sinks sit on a green platform under some mirrors, with top mounted soap dispensers, and nice mosiac tiling too, very nice.

The condom machine is next to this, and two hand dryers are opposite.

Summing up, i had a top meal, and whilst the crapper i chose was a bit sh*t, the urinals were brilliant, im impressed overall.


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