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'paper all over' - photo from The Rising Sun, Gawsworth
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'rising sun sinks' - photo from The Rising Sun, Gawsworth
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'twin crappers' - photo from The Rising Sun, Gawsworth
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'rising sun p*ssers' - photo from The Rising Sun, Gawsworth
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'drainer + exit grid' - photo from The Rising Sun, Gawsworth
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'disabled toilet' - photo from The Rising Sun, Gawsworth
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'disabled facilities' - photo from The Rising Sun, Gawsworth
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'wash that p*ss away' - photo from The Rising Sun, Gawsworth
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The Rising Sun, Gawsworth

The Rising Sun
Congleton Road
SK11 7XD
  Tel: 01625 422 906

Added: 2/11/2005
Modified: 2/8/2011 11:02:28 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Rising sun on Congleton Road, mainly an eating pub, situated not far from Macc Tip.

Quite a large pub, all the tables are set out for food, and the permanent 2 for 10 meals offer definately brings them in!

The pub has quite a lot of land, which provides ample car parking, so rest assured you'll always get a space. The pub is best described as Tent-Shaped, large pointed ceilings, on show with all the woodwork.

The bar is in the middle, why not have a pint as you ponder over the menu, the Guinness is very nice indeed.

Around half of the menu is on the 2 for 10 list. I can recommend the Cajun Chicken, with Chips and Veg. Or how about the 8oz Rump Steak Meal, you can't go wrong for a fiver a head.

Service is good, and you will be provided with ample condiments and appropriate cuttlery.

After all that, why not visit the little boys room whilst waiting for your dessert?

I had a bit of difficulty finding the toilet, it is in a bit of a random place to the front of the pub, the ladies was easy to find, but i wouldn't like to be about to sh*t my guts in here and have trouble finding the gents door, oh well, i found it eventually, and i only needed to drain my vein.

The decor in here is modern. Black tiles to about 1 metre, then white paint. The floor is light red.

There are two cubicles, twins, with white panelled doors.

The pans are total white, white seat et al. I wasn't too impressed to find bum roll all over the floor and an unflushed pan, maybe they should check them more often, take note!

Piping is discreet, and the sh*t roll holder is well stocked, the door lock, part brass, has a good action, but there was no bog brush to wipe skiddies away.

out of the cubicle, there are twin sinks, with twin mirrors, soap was well stocked and the taps worked well. The hand dryer works well too.

The drainers are on the opposite wall, there was a wet floor sign here too, glad to see they take sh*thouse safety seriously.

There are 4 urinals, two on the far wall, and one either side, seperated from the sinks and radiator by p*ss shileds. These are neatly presented, had a few urinal blocks and were generally pleasant.

The let down is a grid near the sinks.

As men p*ss, you can see there slash gush away in front of your very eyes through a mesh gird, they could have at least covered it, unless you like that sort of thing?!

Overall a nice pub, great food, and nice p*ssers (apart from the grid thing).


Update: March 2006 - Disabled Bogs

On a recent visit to the rising sun, the gents were shut as "out of order", so i had to use the disabled sh*tter.

The disabled bogs room is very spacious, cream coloured, with a grey non slip floor, and a window.

There is a white bog, with wooden seat, with a large hand rail to the left of it (when sat on it), underneath a large mirror.

Bog roll is easy to reach from here, and the soap and sink in front of you are low down for wheelchair users.

The sink has a special tap, which you just push or pull, the hand dryer is to the right of this.

Opposite here, to your right when sat sh*tting, are a sanitation (c*nt rag) bin, a regular bin, a radiator, and a fold out baby changing bed, along with some framed adverts.

Whilst initially p*ssed off that the gents were locked, this disabled bog has come up trumps, check it out.


There are currently 3 comments about The Rising Sun, Gawsworth

#1: Comment left by of Manchester

“This is a great website with writing that wouldn't be out of place in Viz.

You're spot on about how the gents is easily missed. A couple of times I've gone into the disabled loo but accident but it's very spacious, yep.

I'm off to lunch there very shortly, but I'll do no more than syphon the python while I'm there, since I'm just about to go and take a trip to Dumpsville, Arizona before I go :)”

Date: 3/31/2008 10:25:38 AM

#2: Comment left by Dave of Swansea

“real nice pub and friendly people the waitresses are really hot there enjoyed my stay there will be going back toilets were very clean all the time so thumbs up from me”

Date: 10/20/2008 9:41:29 AM

#3: Comment left by Ruyan of Everywhere

“Come and see it now after the refurb, it's looking very good, The grid has gone too”

Date: 1/26/2009 12:52:46 AM

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