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'nice bog and brush' - photo from The Flower Pot, Macclesfield
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'the sink area' - photo from The Flower Pot, Macclesfield
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'the flower p*ss pots' - photo from The Flower Pot, Macclesfield
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The Flower Pot, Macclesfield

The Flower Pot
1 Congleton Road
SK11 7UF
  Tel: 01625 423879
Web: The Flower Pot

Added: 2/11/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

This Flower Pot is the massive one at the end of the Congleton Road, not to be confused with the one on Hurdsfield Road, both Robinson's Houses.

Set on its own grounds, at a cross-road junction, the pub has several car parking areas, and lots of outdoor picnic tables, shaded by trees and gardening, very pleasant for Summer Supping.

There are a few doors to enter through. Either enter into the main area, or into the pool room, the bar is centrally located.

You will be pleasantly surprised with this pub, it is both a Robinsons, but very nice too!

Lots of original woodwork, brass, period windows and subtle lighting create a nice cosy atmosphere.

Time for a drink, i recommend the Carling as a good pint, but there are of course the Robbie's offerings of Unicorn Best Bitter, Hatters and Old Stockport, accompanying Guinness and Strongbow. Lots of bottles, including Old Tom, spirits and crisps.

I believe this pub can get very busy in the evenings, especially in the summer months.

The toilets are situated along a corridor at the rear of the pub, lets have a look inside the gentlemens....

You enter into a long, thin, cream coloured room, with common random red tiling as the flooring.

The sinks are suspended on a worktop to your right, the urinals are in an L-Shape in the far corner, and through doors to your left are two toilets.

Lets inspect the first pan... It is white, with white seat. I found the flushing mechanism to be most satisfactory, pipe-work discreet, and a nice grey toilet-tissue dispenser finishes things off nicely.

No sign of a toilet brush, but the bog was clean and smelt good, so i suppose we can't have it all.

There are 5 urinals in the main room, set around a corner. Not all 5 are a perfect match, but they are set up with p*ss soaps, and are neatly presented for your p*ssing pleasure.

Two adverts are located above, and a Jonny Machine is on the corner by the far sh*tter.

In the corner by the door are three sinks, these are on a suspended worktop, flush to the wall, and balanced by a single metal leg on the exposed corner.

It houses two white sinks with dual taps. There is soap, well stocked, and an electronic hand dryer to dry your p*ssy hands. There is also a large mirror to inspect your ugliness on!

Nice, i like it!


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