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'Sinks' - photo from AMF Bowling Macclesfield, Macclesfield
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'Bowl' - photo from AMF Bowling Macclesfield, Macclesfield
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'Wall mounted white things' - photo from AMF Bowling Macclesfield, Macclesfield
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AMF Bowling Macclesfield, Macclesfield

AMF Bowling Macclesfield
Lyme Green Business Park
London Rd
SK11 0TB
  Tel: 0845 6581273
Fax: 01625 619431
Web: AMF Bowling Macclesfield

Added: 2/13/2005
Modified: 2/10/2008

Formerly Summer's Superbowl, this place got burnt down twice in suspicious circumstances, and the bowl then became Macclesfield Superbowl, and is now known as AMF Bowling - Macclesfield.

This is a 24 lane bowl, with a diner area, amusements and a separate bar area.

Bowling is ok priced, much better value at off-peak times, and its best to avoid school half-terms.

get your crappy red and black shoes, and take to the lanes... Ooh, but what is missing... Beer!

I visited the bar area, it is self-contained with a pool table, sky sports tv and a fair bit of seating, but to my Horror there was no Carling on! A Saturday Night, and there was no Draught Lager! Shocking! There was Worthingtons, Guinness and Strongbow though, and bottled beer consisted of Becks and Stella.

Be Warned, its not a cheap round in here!

The diner area is seperate, and is busier during the day, kids parties with burgers and chips etc, quite tasty though.

Righto, lets lob some balls down the lane, then go for a long-p*ss!

The sh*thouse is tucked away by lanes 1 and 2, one door goes to the ladies, and one to the gents, it is worht noting there is a disabled sh*tter too, and baby changing facilities. these are located by the payphone and fire exit, just past lane 24.

The bog room is attractively decorated with blue red and tellow tiles in zig zag formations.

There are four white p*ssers, with the end one being slightly lower for shildren to empty their p*ss into, a few p*ss soaps are supplied. I enjoyed syphoning my python in here!

There are three crappers in grey cubicles, white bogs with white roll dispensers, not bad at all.

there is a bank of 4 sinks located on a corner, with a large mirror to suit. These are set into a grey unit, with soap dispensers and a hand-dryer too.

Attractive, and reasonably well maintained, can sometimes be full of fag-ends in the sh*tters though, and you will have to put up with kids running in and out.

Overall, its ok, but its a superbowl if you know what i mean. Ok now and again. Not bad toilets.


There is currently 1 comment about AMF Bowling Macclesfield, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by William M. of Liverpool

“When ever I'm down in the Macc, this always brightens the mood
of any hangover. After a good ngiht out whats better than a pint while you thrash your mates at bowling.Thats what my friends tell me anyway, I'm normally the one getting thrashed, but theres always a nice pint and the well kept bogs to take your mind off it.”

Date: 2/10/2008 1:41:51 PM

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