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'nice corner of urinals' - photo from The Kingfisher, Poynton
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'mucky sh*tter!' - photo from The Kingfisher, Poynton
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'nice sink area' - photo from The Kingfisher, Poynton
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'naughty vend condom machine' - photo from The Kingfisher, Poynton
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The Kingfisher, Poynton

The Kingfisher
London Rd South
SK12 1NJ
  Tel: 01625 874804

Added: 2/16/2005
Modified: 11/19/2012 11:03:59 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Fisher as it is known locally is probably Poynton's busiest pub, along with the Farmers Arms, it is also one of the largest in the village.

It has parking outside, so is a potential for a visit from non locals too.

The pub is well worth a visit as there is some red-hot totty in poynton, you mark my words. Although you may be in competion with large local chav population.

The gents toilets in here are quite roomy.

large cream floor tiles greet a wooden skirting board and green tiled walls upto about 1 metre, after which there is a triple colour tiled border, then creamy yellow painted walls.

On the walls are adverts, and a Naughty Vend condom machine.

There are two sets of p*ssers set in a large corner.

Nice white drainer basins, excellently piped both above and below, and with p*ss blocks for your added enjoyment.

The toilet cubicles are enclosed in wooden mahogany coloured surrounds!

A white crapper with white seat and white roll holder. The flush is set on a marble back!

Not all is good though, the one i went in had sh*t roll all over the seat and stunk of stale sh*t!

Outside there is a red and marble sink area, it is very attractive indeed. With four sinks, four good mirrors, soap and twin hand-dryers.

By the dryers and red / terracotta radiator is another, more normal, condom dispenser and another advert.

Overall, good pub, top totty, nice bogs, but lets down by a sh*tty cubicle.


There are currently 2 comments about The Kingfisher, Poynton

#1: Comment left by Phil of Macclesfield

“The barmaids are generally pleasing on the eye and friendly, too. The sinks are set in a nice marble surface, but hand washing is not always possible because of a lack of soap.”

Date: 2/5/2009 10:40:39 PM

#2: Comment left by pete davies of salford but now in southampton

“hi there
dont know if you can help me but im looking for an old friend of mine michelle walker her mum and dad used to run the kingfisher back in the 70s then moved along the road rumour has it her brother paul passed away could u please ask your regualrs if they know of michelles where abouts
kind regards pete davies
email is”

Date: 11/16/2012 10:52:48 PM

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