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Always wash your hands! will close at the end of October 2018. Thank you all. It has been a fun 14 years!

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There are two ways that you can add pub reviews to the ever growing archive here at

Register With

This is the best option if you have several photos or pubs to review.

Register with us and you will be able to manage all of your pub reviews via your "My Pubs" section.

You will be able to add pub photos, and come back in the future to add new listings.

Send in a photo from your Mobile Phone, via MMS

We can now accept your Mobile Phone camera-phone photos, directly onto the website,
via the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

This is a great way for you to submit content to the website, and build our list of pub reviews.

When out at a pub, bar, or restaurant, and you see some interesting toilets, simply take a photo, or photos, and send them to us as picture messages.

1. Take a toilet photo, or photos.
2. Create a new Picture Message (MMS), and add in your photo(s).
3. Type a message to accompany the photo(s)..

tell us...

4. Where You Are, i.e. The Pub Name and the Town / City
5. What the pub is like, beers, prices, people etc.
6. Tell us about the toilets, good and bad features etc, are you in the ladies or gents.

and most importantly...

7. Start your message "pubtoilets" - otherwise we will not get your message.
8. Send your message to 07740 40 41 42

and we will do the rest...

Once we receive your photo and text, one of our team will research the pub in question,
it's name and address, and type up a review based on your message.

1. For any photos you upload, you surrender the rights to their copyright, thus allowing us to publish them on the site.
2. We may resize or otherwise edit photo files which we consider to be of too-large file-size, this is to reduce their load on the server, and to allow user's web browser to download them quicker.
3. We Reserve the right to modify (including censorship of swear words) or remove any Pub Listings or Photos if we deem them Obscene, or Un-suitable for the site, or following and complaint or reasonable request to remove them.
4. No guarantee is made on the addition of your photo(s) to the website, this is at our discretion. If accepted, reviews will typically be added / ammended within 48 hours.
5. The MMS Service is operated by aql. The service is provided "as-is", without warranty.
6. The MMS Messages are NOT premium rate messages, and will be charged at your normal network rate, or taken from your monthly allowance.
7. We reserve the right to cancel all services, including the MMS Service, at any time without notice.

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