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26/11/2006 - New Reviews, New Features, and more!

In recent months, much effort has been put into the website to save it from going under due to financial problems.

However, the site is now safe, and we have some new reviews and features for you.

For the latest reviews, simply visit the home page at and use the new "Latest 5 Reviews" list on the right.

For those of you with an RSS Viewer, such as Firefox, Google or Yahoo, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed to automatically get the latest 10 reviews at any time!

The address for the rss feed is

Our pages are also now W3C compliant!

This means that the code, HTML and CSS, in our pages is now compliant to the guidelines set out by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

This is good for you, the site user, as it ensures that the site will render correctly, no matter which web browser you choose, Internet Explorer, Firefoz, Opera, Apple Safari etc.

To view our W3C certification, visit the home page and click the certificate buttons.

Expect many more pub reviews and innovations soon!

Keep Spreading The Turd!

The Team - November 2006.

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