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15/8/2007 - Pub Reviews - Quality Control

We have had a number of Pub Reviews recently that have featured no pictures.

This poses a dilemma for us, do we remove them? Do we wait to see if the author produces some photos at a later date?

Do we hide them from the live site until pictures are uploaded?

As a compromise between all of the above, we have decided the following.

a) As always, Crap reviews will be removed.
b) Reviews with no photos will remain live, on the main search and All Pub Reviews sections, unless in case a)
c) Pub Reviews with no pictures will not feature in the "Most Recent Reviews" list on the Pub Toilets homepage.

Thank you all for your continued co-operation in making Pub Toilets the great site it is today!

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The Team - 15-08-2007

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