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10/8/2008 - Pub Review Browse and Search facilities updated

The Browse and Search facilities of the pubtoilets website have had a major overhaul this weekend.

Users clicking the "Pub Reviews" link (formerly "Browse Pubs") on the menu will now receive a list of all of the Towns and Cities for which we have reviews, ordered by country.

Try it now - Browse Pub Reviews

The previous "Browse" page simply listed the entire list of Pub Reviews we have, by pub name. This was beginning to become difficult to navigate due to the ever-increasing number of reviews, currently 235 at the time of writing this news item.

Once on the browse page, simply click a Town or City link to goto the list of pubs in that Town/City, just as you would if you'd used the Search Box.

We've also added comprehensive statistics to both the Browse and Town pages, listing the number of Pubs, Towns, Photos and Comments, along with if pub reviews have recently been added or updated.

We hope you enjoy the new functionality, and find the site easier to use as a result.

The previous incarnation of the pub list pages had been online since launch in 2004, with very little in the way of feature changes.

The old layout is not gone and forgotten though, as a screen grab from it featured an edition of Nuts Magazine back in March 2005, read the original Nuts Mag news item to find out more, and to view the old screen shot.

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