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1/9/2008 - Ashbourne newspaper article, and half a million visitors

We've two pieces of good news to report this week...

Firstly, we've had another press article written about the site, this time by the Ashbourne News Telegraph.

Paul Mellor, Landlord at the Smiths Tavern in Ashbourne contacted the newspaper when he discovered his pub's 8 out ot 10 rating here on the Pub Toilets website.

The article is quite interesting, and can be viewed below:
Pub Toilets Ashbourne News Telegraph Article

Paul has also supplied us with some up-to-date photo's of the loos in the pub, including the ladies toilets, following an extensive refit.

The Smiths Tavern, Ashbourne - Pub Review

Please note: unfortunately the article listed us as - minus the "s" in toilets. Hopefully those who have wanted to find the site will have still managed to.


Also this week, we've passed the milestone of Half A Million Visitors, yes, 500,000 Hits!

We often get asked what constitutes a single "Hit".

Well, each time you visit the site a "session" is created, unique to you, which allows your browser to interact with the various sections of the site.

We only count 1 hit per session, so you will only add 1 hit to the counter throught your duration on the site.

If you come back another time, i.e. next week, you'd be assigned a fresh session, and re-counted.

Therefore, the 500,000 isn't 500,000 unique visitors, but 500,000 sessions, or "visits".

The counter can also be influenced by visits from Search Engine Robots, so the figure must always be taken with a pinch-of-salt.

We look forward to our Million Hits mark, at some point in the future!

Screen Grab from the Ashbourne News Telegraph website

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