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3/9/2013 - Website of the Month in Park Lane People, Macclesfield

Pub Toilets has been awarded the "Website of the Month" award in "Park Lane People", a local magazine "...Delivered Free to 5,000 homes..." in the town of Macclesfield.

We feature on Page 12 of the September 2008 issue, amongst a page about "The History of Pubs"!

Macclesfield is amongst the best represented towns on the Pub Toilets website, with a seemingly ever-growing list of pubs. You can tell Macclesfield, or "Macc" as it is affectionately known, is a proper drinking town!

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The review text reads...

"Website of the Month

This month's website has been suggested by one of our readers - who also happens to be one of its editors!

Pub Toilets can vary vastly from pub to pub.. The Architecture, The Fittings, The Age, The Cleanliness, The Maintenance. This "Anonymous" group of North-West based Pub Enthusiasts there set up a UK Pub Review site, but with a toilet-orientated slant! Visitors can upload their own pub reviews, along with photos, and leave comments on existing entries. The site is therefore ever-evolving and changes week-on-week. Macclesfield is amongst the best represented towns and cities on the site, although entries have also been added from as far afield as The Gambia ... and Bollington"

Yep, the last bit is true...

Click for.. Pub Reviews in The Gambia or listings for Bollington Pubs.

A good review for the site, thanks go out to Heather, the editor of the publication.

We look forward to more good press in the future.


The Team.

Website of the Month in

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