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16/10/2008 - Pub Search now down to Village / Suburb level

You can now find your favourite pubs by specifying the village or suburb they are in, rather than the parent town.

For example:

The Cock Inn is a pub in the village of Henbury, part of Macclesfield.

Previously only a search for Macclesfield Pubs would have found the pub, and a search for Henbury would have returned no results.

This would have given the false impression that we had no pubs listed in Henbury. This was not good for those of us who feel strongly about our villages and suburbs, and prefer not to be associated with the larger Town / City in question.

The flaw in our search system came to light last week, when a Pub in Didsbury was added. We had previously had 2 other reviews for Didsbury, but they didnt show up in searches as they'd had Manchester set as their Town / City name.

Our search also supports part Town/City and pub names...

i.e. searching for "arms" in Pub Name would return Queens Arms, Kings Arms etc.

...a search for "pool" in Town/City name would return Liverpool, Blackpool pubs etc.

We hope that the improvements lead to a higher yield of positive search results for our site visitors.

The Team

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