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19/12/2008 - Pub Reviews now listed by Country, County, then Town

The list of pubs reviews on the Pub Toilets website has been ever-swelling for some time now.

Originally we simply listed all pubs alphabetically on our Browse Pubs / Pub Search page.

Earlier this year, the list had grown to the level that this became difficult to navigate,
so we divided the list by Country, then by Town or City.

This worked great for a while, however the pub list has continued to grow, significantly.

We have now added Counties into the list to make it easier to navigate.

For example, the town of Stockport will now be found under England Pub Reviews, Greater Manchester, Stockport.

-- Greater Manchester
-- -- Stockport

We have also taken this opportunity to put some of our Towns and Cities into their correct counties.

Sorry to traditionalists, but we are now going with the official counties,
i.e. Stockport is now in Greater Manchester and not Cheshire!

It was great to see a review from Germany earlier this week: Burg Wegberg in the town of Wegberg, Heinsberg.

We have also tidied up the presentation of our International Pub Reviews, with them now clearly distinguished by their Country, in the same way as dometic reviews are divided by County.

Still lost? An additional Search Box has now been added to the top of the Pub Reviews page.

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