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28/7/2009 - A Secret to Positive Pub or Hotel Toilet Reviews

There’s a saying that goes, a house can be assessed by its toilet. The same probably applies to hotels, restaurants, pubs and other catering providers; now even the more that people pay a lot more attention to the issues of hygiene and health.

In the past, it used to be enough when you offered good beer or nice food. Now the requirements of customers are constantly increasing and we are all much harder to please.
What is more, the growing awareness of bacteria dangers is one not to be ignored by anyone working in the catering industry.

In the article published by The Irish Independent on 15th June ‘09 called Germs make themselves feel at home it was emphasised that “people get very anxious about germs they pick up in public toilets.”

The same applies to hotels and other catering establishments. Hygiene is very important these days, and we must make sure that our guests are protected from all sides.

How can hotels and pubs cope with guests’ fear of bacteria?

By proving that you are using the most recent tested system which protects them from the dangers, and what is more, it removes all toilet smells, so people aren’t afraid any more. This way you not only declare that your premises are infection safe, it is also a very effective way of saying that you care about your customers.

How can somebody think of issues of hygiene and sickness when they enter a toilet the scent of which reminds them of home or some lovely place? It might sound ridiculous, but smells are often associated with various events, even subconsciously, and if you are able to replace the nasty toilet smell with a pleasant aroma, then you have probably won.

ToiletFriend – a miracle or a fake?

After you flush, the tiny bacteria land not only on the toilet bowl itself, but are also transmitted by water and air in the form of small droplets to the surrounding objects – floor, door handles, and even your handbag.

What many don’t know is that one in four people leave the toilet with faecal coli form on their hands. Therefore, if somebody infected is using the toilet, the disease can spread very easily, and you never know what dangers you are facing.

ToiletFriend does not prevent the creation of these bacteria – they simply are there every single time you go to the toilet. However, by sucking them down to the toilet just after flush, it takes them away from the toilet bowl and via the water ducts they go into the cistern and then through the waste water into the sewerage where they belong.

The whole solution is simple, but very silent as opposed to noisy extractor fans. It has been used by many hotels, restaurants and even hospitals all over the world. With its coming to Ireland, catering industry is getting a great opportunity to increase the level of services delivered, and make our guests feel even more at home.

This article was written by Zoe of Banish horrible toilet smells forever – call for a free 30-day trial.

Banish Smells with Toilet Friend!

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