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26/10/2009 - The Pub Toilets website celebrating 5 years online! is 5 years old today!

Today marks 5 years to the day that the first version of the Pub Toilets website made it's debut on the world wide web.

What originally started as a bit of light-hearted fun, quickly became very popular indeed.

In recent years, as the number of pubs featured has increase, so has the number of additional features available on the website.

We now have a popup-free picture viewer, Google Maps of each pub and town / city, and we invite comments on all pub reviews.

New Pub Reviews can be added by anybody, in a matter of minutes. Pictures can even be sent in by Mobile Phone Picture Messaging Services (MMS) - See the Add A Pub page for more details.

As of this morning, Monday 26th October 2009, is Currently listing:
412 Pub Reviews, with 1506 Photos, in 109 Towns or Cities, with 206 user comments.

Well done to everyone who has already contributed... we hope to read more good reviews soon, and re-affirm as the best pub / bar / reastaurant review site on the internet today!

Happy Birthday - Thank you to all of our friends.

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