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24/3/2010 - Find Your Local Pub - enhanced Google Maps

As part of ongoing improvements to the website,
we have made some changes to the way we show pub toilet locations upon Google Maps.

Firstly, the icon used on the maps to represent a pub location has been changed from a loo brush to a toilet.

Why? Well, a toilet is the more obvious choice. However, many people had told us that they didn't realise that the old icon was a toilet brush, as it looked like an aerial, so the change to a toilet is definately better.

Secondly, we have altered the map zoom level to be set at a custom level for each UK Town or City.

Why? We noticed a while ago that some maps appeared too far zoomed out for certain towns, resulting in pubs locations appearing all bunched together. For big cities, we had the opposite probelm, the map was too far zoomed in, the result being that many pub locations weren't being shown.

Now that these are set at customised levels, you should see more localised street level mapping for small towns or villages, with more wide area mapping for larger towns and cities.

Some Examples.

Example 1 London Pubs - Wide Area Map

Example 1 - London Pubs Map image

Example 2 Keswick Pubs - Local Area Map at Street Level

Example 2 - Keswick Pubs Map image

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