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15/10/2014 - The Pub Toilets Website is now 10 Years Old!

Can you believe it, the Pub Toilets website is now 10 years old!

Back in Autumn 2004, the site was started by a couple of pub-goers, to raise awareness of some of the great public house lavatories found, predominantly in the North West of England.

How we looked in 2004...

Pub Toilets website - 2004

Roll on 2014, and the website now attracts a lot of web traffic, from across the world.

153 Towns in 12 Countries are currently represented, with over 670 individual pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs reviews*

Our Most Represented Towns and Cities are Manchester, Nottingham, Macclesfield, and Blackpool, in England, UK.

Other hotspots include Rhyl and Llandudno in Wales, UK, and Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

We also have reviews from as far as Sweden, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Poland, France, Germany, and The Gambia.

So why not raise a glass to down your local establishment? Then pop to the bogs to Snap One Off in the Toilet.. we're talking a photo of course.

Adding a pub is easy, please see our Add A Pub page. Reviews can either be typed up on your computer / tablet / smartphone, or alternatively we accept photos and reviews via MMS Picture Messaging from your Mobile Phones.

Here's to the Next 10 Years, let's see how quickly we get over the 1,000 Reviews milestone!

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