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Privacy Policy

We have written this website in accordance with The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, an EC Directive.

When visiting the Pub Toilets website, a cookie known as a "Session Cookie" will be placed in your Web Browser's Cookie repository.
The purpose of this cookie is to identify you as you pass through the pages of the site, and to enable us to serve information to you accordingly.
Session Cookies are sent to your computer by the majority of sites on the world wide web.
The name "Session" relates to the fact that the cookie will expire once you leave this site, such as when you close your web browser. Hence, the cookie only exists during your stay, or "session", on the website.
You have the right to block the cookie, should you wish to. This can be done by changing the settings of your web browser to either "Block All Cookies", or to just block cookies from ""

If you do not have session cookies enabled, or you are blocking cookies from this site, certain features of this website will not work.

These features include, but are not limited to:
  1. User Login and Registration functions.
  2. Contact / Feedback Forms.
  3. Leaving Comments on Pub Reviews.
Google Analytics:
This website uses Google Analytics web statistics tracking code.
The purpose of this code is to provide us with user statistics, including user behaviour and browser capability stats. This information is tracked anonymously, no "personal information" is recorded.

Google Analytics may well place their own "Cookie" on to your machine as part of the tracking process.

Again, you can block Google Analytics from placing Cookies on your PC, should you wish to. Please refer to your Internet Browser documentation.

Other Third Party Cookies:
We have integrated Google Maps features into our Pub Search and Pub Reviews, in order to enhance the value of our reviews to the user. The Google Mapping system may well drop cookies into your browser repository during it's working.

The Home Page of this site also contains a "Toilet Web Ring" banner. The content in this banner is provided by a third party, who may also choose to place a cookie in your browser repository.

The "Shop" page, and other pages, contain links to the PayPal online payments service. PayPal may well use cookies to track your shopping basket on this site etc.
Other third party banners or advertisements may appear on the site, which may place their own cookies in a similar fashion.

Personal Details:
Should you register an account with, such as to upload a pub review, your personal information will not be divulged, sold, or otherwise exposed to any third-parties.

This also applies to our MMS Service, we will not divulge your phone number to third parties, though we may reply to any incoming messages to seek clarification of their contents etc.

Terms and Conditions of service

The Pub Toilets website is provided "as is", without any warranty or guarantee of service.

Any text, photographs, or other content on the website are purely the view's of either the Site Owners, or the writers of Pub Reviews and Comments. The text may not be accurate, may be out-dated, may be biased, or indeed may be totally fictional.

Pub Reviews may be updated, or otherwise altered, over time. This may take the form of the review text being updated, or otherwise altered, photos being added/changed/removed, or visitor comments being added/removed.

Content pages, including Pub Review pages, are not guaranteed to be provided on-going. Pages may come and go. Pub Reviews may be removed, or overwritten, over time for such reasons as pubs no longer being in existence, and in the interests of quality control.

We accept no liabilities for any inaccuracy of infortmation, or any other views, expressed on this website.

If you have an objection or complaint about the content of any of our reviews, or you are a pub landlord and would like to provide additional / more accurate supporting information for your pub, please do Contact The Team.

We do not control the content of other external websites linked to by this website. We accept no liability for the content of any external sites, nor do we guarantee the availability or accuracy of such sites. You will find links to external sites in our "Links Section", on "Pub Review" pages, as well as elsewhere on the website.

The website has been written to be compatible with all modern web browsers, irrespective of platform or operating system, though the compatability of all features cannot be guaranteed. We test regularly with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, Opera, Apple Safari.

The website is written in Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), and is server by the web server Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0, running on Windows Server 2003.

The Pub Toilets MMS Service is operated by aql. The service is provided "as-is", without warranty. MMS Messages sent to the service are NOT premium rate messages, and will be charged at your normal network rate, or taken from your monthly allowance.

The MMS Service provision may be altered, or withdrawn, at any point, without notice.

Please contact us for further information, or clarification, on any of the above.

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